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CKR Law LLP Announces Formation of China International Trade Policies Task Force

Press Release

CKR Law LLP recently announced the formation of its China International Trade Policies Task Force. This task force enables the law firm to assist the Chinese legal industry to efficiently and effectively address the numerous intricate international trade and tariff related client matters primarily involving China and the United States (U.S.).  These matters include:

  1. Application for exclusion from U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs;
  2. Filing exclusions to other U.S. proposed or imposed China tariffs; 
  3. Commenting on proposed U.S China tariffs; 
  4. Section 337 proceedings before the ITC (patent infringement);
  5. Defense of anti-dumping proceedings before the ITC;
  6. Defense of counter-vailing duty proceedings before the ITC;
  7. Review of classification of exports under Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States;
  8. Representation with respect to CFIUS notice and/or review including the recently announced proposed CFIUS overhaul which expands its jurisdiction to intervene in minority, non-controlling investments in U.S. companies, real estate deals near sensitive government facilities, takeovers during bankruptcy and export controls to address the transfer of technology abroad through joint ventures;
  9. Compliance with the United States government procurement regulations; and
  10. International arbitration 

The CKR Law international attorneys comprising the task force have substantial experience in international trade, government advocacy and U.S.-China related matters. CKR attorneys are available locally in the U.S. and China and can advise on global matters both in the U.S. and China with over 100 years of combined experience in a wide range of China-related matters.

CKR regularly advises international companies, financial institutions and investors conducting business throughout mainland China.  The law firm also represents Chinese companies with their global investment activities, including cross-border mergers and acquisitions and overseas capital markets transactions, including corporate and project financing, energy & alternative energy projects, private placements, IPOs and other public offerings, real estate purchases and development and immigration, tax and intellectual property matters.

Establishing a task force for this purpose is necessary in the current legal, economic and political environment.  Chinese companies require timely legal, practical and business advice to make critical decisions to navigate these rapidly changing market conditions to achieve their objectives while mitigating risks.” commented Jeffrey Rinde, Managing Partner, CKR Law.

The CKR Law China International Trade Policies Task Force is comprised of the following members:

Jeffrey Rinde, General Corporate and Commercial, 

Jing Li, General Corporate and Commercial,

Ning Zhang, General Corporate and Commercial Law,

Wei Zhang, Intellectual Property,

Bart Fisher, International Trade,

Robert Appleton, Government and regulatory Enforcement,   

David Seide, White Collar, Internal Investigations

Holly Ying Li, Intellectual Property,

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