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SEC Investigates the DAO on its Initial Coin Offering on Blockchain

Blockchain is an emerging and revolutionary technology which allows data to be stored securely using cryptography on distributed, non-centralized electronic ledgers. Each specific “block” of data is linked to the next related block of data, which is verified by multiple participants across a network of hundreds or thousands of computers, thus creating a “chain” of “blocks”...

5 Key Factors Companies Should Consider When Establishing Operations In China

This article focuses on what larger U.S. and other foreign companies must consider when establishing a physical presence in China. These various factors include an entity structure (e.g., a wholly foreign-owned enterprise or a Chinese joint venture), intellectual property protection, tax and import issues, foreign exchange regulation, labor law compliance, and more.

Memorandum Regarding the Rule of Law

It has lately become the practice of the SRA to make on a regular basis allegations that solicitors have “failed to uphold the rule of law” contrary to SRA Principle 1. In my submission this is being done without an appreciation of what “the rule of law” truly is.

CKR Law Atlanta Discusses the Benefits of the CKR Law Global Platform

The Atlanta office for CKR Law supports the Southeastern United States practice development and the global firm with respect to litigation and real estate. Our full service approach for our clients have been greatly increased by the CKR Law Global platform.