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Supreme Court of the United States: Cheerleading Uniforms Can be Copyrightable: Star Athletic LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc.

On 22 March 22 2017, in the case of Star Athletica LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc., et al, No. 15-866, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled, in a 6-2 decision, that design elements of a cheerleading uniform may be protected under copyright law, even though the uniform has a utilitarian function.

What May Be In Store For The Brazilian Bankruptcy Law

The Brazilian Restructuring and Bankruptcy Law (Law Nr. 11.101 of 2005) is expected to be amended within the year. Supporters of the amendments hope to accelerate the insolvency process and equalize the bargaining power between equity and debt holders. The idea is to create a bankruptcy regime that will lead to a more efficient credit market and promote enterprise rehabilitation. The proposed amendments are likely to create sharp differences of opinion between debtor and creditor interests and for now they are just that – proposals.

The 5 Critical Considerations: What to do When an Allegation of a FCPA Violation is Raised Within Your Company

The reaction to corruption by both national enforcement authorities here and abroad, as well as within multi-national corporations throughout the world, has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. In 2004-05, U.S. federal government FCPA investigations were at their infancy, and the DOJ and the FBI were just beginning to focus heavily on significant global corruption and foreign bribery investigations and prosecutions. Similarly, many companies, including a number of multi-nationals, did not have “compliance” departments, and the mere mention of the term “compliance” was often met by a strange look of unfamiliarity.

Strategies in Response to the New U.S. China Tariffs

On March 22, 2018, President Trump announced tariff sanctions on Chinese imports, directing the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to propose within 15 days a list of products covered by the tariff increases, which will be subject to a public comment period.

You’ve Heard of ICOs, but What About Venture Capital Investments in Crypto?

Among other positive developments for the blockchain space, 2017 was the year of the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). As public interests in cryptocurrencies heated up towards the latter half of the year, newcomers with fresh investment capital fanned the flames of the already white-hot fundraising model.

CKR Client Granted VA Disability Benefits for PTSD Related to Trauma of Sexual Harassment During Service

CKR Law LLP Government Enforcement and White Collar Investigations Practice Group Attorney Jill M. Williamson successfully represented pro bono a female veteran in veterans benefits case where the victim, a female veteran, was granted 70% disability for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from Military Sexual Trauma resulting from pervasive sexual harassment and hostile work conditions over the course of her 20+ years of service in the military.

CKR Law Managing Partner Jeffrey Rinde Named in 2018 Top 100 Lawyers

CKR Law LLP is pleased to announce that Managing Partner Jeffrey Rinde, has been named in the 2018 edition of the Top 100 Lawyers. Top 100 Lawyers magazine is a legal industry specific publication featuring 100 top legal professionals from around the world and distributed in more than ninety countries.

“WOMEN ON THE BLOCK” DIVERSITY BLOCKCHAIN CONFERENCE: featuring only women as speakers and moderators

CKR Law LLP, CLC Advisors, LLC and First Point Ventures is pleased to announce the “Women on the Block” Blockchain Conference taking place at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, May 13, 2018 (Mother’s Day), the start of Blockchain Week NYC. The first of its kind event will feature blockchain industry leaders speaking on a variety of blockchain related topics with both male and…

Subpoena Do's and Don'ts

In the last few weeks the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued subpoenas to as many as 80 cryptocurrency companies.  There is every indication that the SEC is not done issuing subpoenas, nor focusing on companies and individuals involved in commercial activity involving blockchain and cryptocurrency.  The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is also active in the blockchain…

The Real Estate Market in Atlanta

The Atlanta real estate market has been on the rise in the last few years as evidenced by the newest announcement by French Automaker Group PSA choosing its North American headquarters joining with Mercedes-Benz USA and Porsche North America which have North American headquarters in Atlanta. NCR recently opened its global headquarters in Mid-town Atlanta. The market continues to be hot.