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Attorney of the Week: Robert M. Appleton

Global Investigations Review named CKR partner and Global Chair of CKR’s Government Enforcement and White Collar Practice Group, Robert Appleton, as one of the world’s leading international anti-corruption and anti-fraud compliance and investigations experts.

You Gotta Have Faith

You often hear a party complain at a mediation that the other side is not acting in good faith. What does that mean? As the term “good faith” is subjective, there is no clear guidance on what constitutes good faith at mediation and what, conversely, qualifies as a lack of good faith.

Can Blockchain Rescue our Identity from the Digital Abyss?

It doesn’t take a lot of digging online to quickly find reasons why identity safety is such a paramount issue. Tools like Have I been pwned? show a range of concerning examples of major institutional breaches that have leaked millions of personal data files. The centralization of identity databases, both physical and digital, is creating these inevitable fail points that are eroding the systemic value of our personal data.

The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress

A blockchain healthcare revolution has quietly been taking place and over the last five years, tech giants such as IBM, have put forth significant resources towards conducting comprehensive studies to better understand the effects that blockchain technology is having on the sector.

United States SEC Creates Scam ICO as a Warning to Investors

“The SEC Has an Opportunity You Won’t Want to Miss: Act Now!”, the title for an official press release for a fraudulent coin offering from the SEC reads.

Arizona’s Consideration of Payment of Taxes with Cryptocurrencies

As originally introduced, Arizona Senate Bill 1091 (“SB 1091”) would have permitted remittance of cryptocurrencies for tax payments, including interest and penalties, and would have required the Arizona Department of Revenue, upon receipt of payments in cryptocurrency, to convert the cryptocurrency payment to U.S. dollars within 24 hours.

Why Blockchain Technology is the Answer to the World’s Banking System Woes

The banking system is inefficient in its current state as it requires the use of multiple third-party verifications and transferring services in order to complete a transaction. Blockchain can alleviate the need for these organizations and provide the world with a viable solution to the inherent problems facing the banking community.

Cambridge Analytica Nixes Cryptocurrency Project After Facebook Data Fiasco

Cambridge Analytica Puts ICO on Hold


In its latest salvo in the U.S.-China trade dispute, China has imposed a 178.6% tariff on sorghum imports from the U.S., claiming the U.S. is unfairly dumping sorghum on the Chinese market.

CKR Law Announces Partnership with Braga Nascimento e Zílio Advogado in in São Paulo, Brazil

CKR Law is pleased to announce our new partnership with Braga Nascimento e Zílio Advogados (“BNZ”), a Brazilian law firm headquartered in São Paulo.