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Attorney of the Week: Robert M. Appleton

Attorney Robert M. AppletonGlobal Investigations Review named CKR partner and Global Chair of CKR’s Government Enforcement and White Collar Practice Group, Robert Appleton, as one of the world’s leading international anti-corruption and anti-fraud compliance and investigations experts.  Prior to joining CKR, Robert has served in many lead enforcement, chief compliance, and international legal roles for more than 25 years.  Robert began his career as a law clerk for a revered Senior United States District Judge, and then served for more than 13 years in senior roles in the U.S. Department of Justice.  As a US Federal Prosecutor in Connecticut and Washington, Robert led numerous high profile investigations and prosecutions as a Supervisory AUSA, including the first terrorist financing prosecution of an Al Qaeda financier connected to the blind Sheik; the chief money launderer for Colombian drug cartel king Pablo Escobar, Jose Stroh; and numerous other high profile cases – including weapons and technology and trade prosecutions involving Iran, Iraq, China, and Cuba; organized crime cases and complex international fraud matters.  Between 1995-2005, Robert served as the lead coordinator for OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) attorney for the DOJ in the northeast.  In his career with the DOJ, Robert successfully tried more than 30 cases before juries as lead or sole counsel, and more than 20 appeals before the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.  Robert twice received the DOJ’s Director’s Award – one of the Department’s highest honors.

After leaving the DOJ, Robert served as Special Counsel to Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker in the largest corruption investigation to date – the UN Iraqi Oil for Food investigation; and then was selected by the UN Secretary General to serve as the first Chief of the United Nations’ Anti Corruption Task Force. 

Robert has also served as the Chief Compliance Officer for one of the largest humanitarian relief agencies and as Head of Investigations and Compliance Counsel for another.  In all, Robert has conducted investigations and asset identification and recovery in more than 100 countries.     

At CKR, Robert leads an international practice focused upon assisting companies identify and recover misappropriated assets; conduct internal investigations; handle all aspects of compliance; defend insider trading and other Securities cases before the DOJ and SEC, OFAC and FATCA tax matters; as well as criminal defense.  Robert also specializes in representing whistleblowers with US and foreign authorities, and assists whistleblower clients with submissions and claims to obtain awards and recoveries.

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