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CKR Law Atlanta Discusses the Benefits of the CKR Law Global Platform

By Stephen P. Fuller

The Atlanta office for CKR Law supports the Southeastern United States practice development and the global firm with respect to litigation and real estate. Our full service approach for our clients have been greatly increased by the CKR Law Global platform.

Recently, we have had the privilege of appearing in the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit on multiple occasions along with several jury trials. In addition, we have resolved multi state litigation in Texas and New Jersey with substantial benefits to our clients. We have also concluded litigation with a London based Public Company against an Atlanta manufacturer.

Our real estate practice is thriving through the connections we have in the Atlanta market combined with our decades of experience in the real estate sector. These include development of residential and commercial real estate along with the acquisition of commercial properties. We recently completed an acquisition of the highest volume Best Buy location for a foreign investor with favorable lease back terms. In addition, we were able to assist the firm for a client acquiring a joint venture interest in property located in downtown Los Angles.

Atlanta is currently thriving in the real estate market with the relocation of major global and regional locations of major companies. Office and commercial space are now at a premium creating an attractive atmosphere for investment and development. This coupled with the increase of the Port of Savannah will result in this market to continue to expand. This port will become the third largest port in the United States causing many investors to move ahead in the market positioning themselves for prime real estate opportunities.

Atlanta currently has some of the fastest growing areas in the country and without geographical boundaries, it is set to keep its place in the world market. It is a thriving multi-cultural area which attracts businesses and investments worldwide. This has resulted in a redevelopment of areas within the city and a resurgence of growth. The employment opportunities coupled with entertainment and restaurants make the city an attractive place for living for the young and old alike. The suburbs also continue to thrive as business centers and shopping are closely located with attractive schools. With new development, redevelopment and lack of geographical boundaries this growth will continue.

Our position as the local presence in Atlanta is of such that we are able to assist our clients not only with legal needs that arise, but with investment opportunities. We have decades of experience in litigation and real estate and are sought after by national and multi-national companies. We have uniquely positioned ourselves to provide the ability for our clients to access markets in the Southeastern United States as well as assist our clients into national and global platforms.

Our office location is situated in one of the most ten wealthiest cities in the United States, but is conveniently located to Atlanta as well as the growing metropolitan business centers continuing to be developed. We use our business and litigation experience to assist our clients to invest, grow and solve issues that may come along in any business. Many of our clients have been Fortune 500 companies, both publically and privately along with entrepreneurs that have grown businesses into a global platform.

Along with the growth of Atlanta and investment opportunities, the CKR Law Global platform has provided us with the ability to provide legal services for those wishing to invest in this market as well as assist our clients into the global market. Great investment opportunities exist in this market and we look forward to assisting our clients not only locally, but globally.