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Yingke and CKR Law to Continue Joint Collaboration without Forming YKR LAW

Beijing Yingke Law Firm and CKR Law LLP, announced they have suspended discussions to form “YKR Law,” a new law firm in the U.S.  The two law firms jointly decided due to the uncertainties in the current political and economic environment and the anticipated costs of creating and building a new law firm, the timing was not right.  The parties are and intend to continue jointly collaborating on China-related legal matters.  The two law firms mutually agreed to reconsider this decision in the future.

Beijing Yingke Law Firm was established in 2001 and is the largest law firm in China, currently employing 11,500 employees worldwide, including 7,850 Chinese lawyers.  More information about Yingke is available on www.yingkeinternational.com.

CKR Law LLP is a global firm of experienced lawyers with diverse international practices.  Information about all of CKR’s locations, attorneys, and practice areas is available on www.ckrlaw.com

For more information please contact:

LI, Yongyuan, Beijing Yingke Law Firm:  liyongyuan@yingkelawyer.com

Jeffrey A. Rinde, Managing Partner of CKR Law LLP: jrinde@ckrlaw.com