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Jingsh Law Firm and CKR Law form Alliance

Jeffrey Rinde and Yang Jianhua

Beijing’s largest legal practice and one of China’s largest law firms, Jingsh Law Firm, and multinational U.S. law firm, CKR Law LLP, announced they have signed a long-term strategic alliance agreement.  The two law firms will cooperate in the areas of marketing, client service and client referrals.  This will include each firm employing certain of the other firm’s lawyers as foreign legal consultants, bilateral lawyer exchanges, and joint internal and external multinational seminars and training presentations for their respective attorneys, staff and clients.

The parties intend to jointly pursue U.S., China and other global opportunities through the sharing of information, financial resources, offices, alliances, affiliations and clients.

Jingsh and CKR Law mutually agreed to further explore expanding their relationship to include joint investments, additional service offerings and other related business opportunities.   

Jingsh announced this week its expansion in North America with the opening of a location in Toronto, Canada.  With its alliance with CKR, Jingsh will condition scaling up its North American presence in the United States to provide broader and more efficient service to its clients.

CKR intends to leverage Jingsh’s footprint in China, currently at 47 offices across the mainland, to secure new work from foreign companies entering China and jointly cooperate on global projects linked to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

Yang Jianhua, Jingsh’s Managing Partner stated,”We need high quality local capability and support in the U.S. to assist our Chinese clients.  This need goes beyond just legal services.  It requires a thorough understanding of the Chinese and U.S. business environments and an intimate knowledge and sensitivity to the cultural differences.  Our agreement with CKR enables us to achieve this.” Mr. Yang added “We expect the two law firms to work hand-in-hand to pursue common goals, guided by shared values, to actively promote the globalization of the type of enhanced legal services necessary to successfully transact business between the two countries.”

Jeffrey A. Rinde, CKR’s Managing Partner, commented, “Jingsh and CKR share a forward-thinking vision and philosophy for today’s law firm.  Together we hope to build a modern law firm that better serves the overall needs of a global client.”

The alliance between the two law firms is effective immediately.

Jingsh Law Firm was formed in Beijing in 1994.  Jingsh is the largest law firm in Beijing and one of the largest law firms in China, employing over 5,700 with more than 3,500 lawyers in China.  Jingsh currently has 47 domestic branches and an alliance with over 300 Chinese law firms and 36 global alliance law firms in 26 countries in key financial, business and regulatory centers in Asia, Europe, South America and North America.  http://www.jingsh.com

CKR Law LLP is a global firm of experienced lawyers with diverse international practices. Information about all of CKR’s locations, attorneys and practice areas is available on https://www.ckrlaw.com

Jeffrey Rinde and Yang Jianhua

For more information please contact:

Yang Jianhua, Managing Partner of Jingsh Law Firm: yangjianhua@jingsh.com

Jeffrey A. Rinde, Managing Partner of CKR Law LLP: jrinde@ckrlaw.com