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CKR Law and Yingke Law Engaged in Discussion to Create New Legal Practice in U.S.

CKR Law LLP, a multinational U.S. law firm, Beijing Yingke Law Firm, China’s biggest legal practice, and Jeffrey A. Rinde, the Managing Partner of CKR Law, announced today that they have reached a preliminary memorandum of understanding regarding creating “YKR Law,” a new law firm in the U.S. The new law firm, which is planned to be owned by Yingke Law Firm and certain current CKR partners, expects to operate up to 10 offices in the U.S.

YKR Law will operate as an independent legal entity separate from Yingke Law Firm and CKR but will work closely with Yingke Law Firm as a key member of Yingke Global, an alliance of international law firms. The new law firm will focus on the U.S. domestic market and at the same time, the parties believe the firm will benefit from the global network of Yingke and CKR.

The parties intend to make a mutual decision on the closing by Sept. 30, 2019, subject to satisfactory completion of ongoing due diligence.

Beijing Yingke Law Firm was established in 2001. Yingke currently employs 11,500 employees worldwide, including 7,850 Chinese lawyers. Yingke is the largest law firm in China and Asia (Top 50 Asian Law Firms by Asian Legal Business, 2018) by headcount, the third-largest China-based law firm by revenues (China 45 Most Revenue by The American Lawyer, 2018) and the 97th highest-grossing law firm in the world (Global 200 by The American Lawyer, 2018). With its headquarters in Beijing, Yingke currently has 64 domestic branches. Outside of Mainland China, Yingke provides legal services in 115 cities in 55 countries in Asia, Europe, South America, and North America through the member law firms of Yingke Global Legal Alliance. More information about Yingke is available on www.yingkeinternational.com.

CKR Law LLP is a global firm of experienced lawyers with diverse international practices. Information about all of CKR’s locations, attorneys, and practice areas is available on www.ckrlaw.com.

For more information, please contact:

Jeffrey A. Rinde, Managing Partner: Jrinde@ckrlaw.com

Michael J. Maloney, CKR Partner: Mmaloney@ckrlaw.com