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CKR Law Expands Global Blockchain and Digital Currency Presence

Press Release

CKR Law LLP is pleased to announce the establishment of four new strategic locations in Estonia, Switzerland, Turkey and Wyoming. These locations will be spearheaded by attorneys who are innovative thought leaders bringing a unique perspective to CKR based on their extensive experiences in key jurisdictions relating to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industries.

Joining CKR Law LLP:

Jevgeni Kazutkin is based in Tallinn, Estonia. His practice focuses on corporate transactions, company reorganizations and liquidations, intellectual property, IPOs and ICOs. He also participates as a legal adviser in local and cross-border transactions in transport and logistics, telecommunications and international trade.

Samuel Lohman has substantial experience with global commercial, estate, succession, asset protection, litigation, mediation, arbitration and real estate planning as well as the international legal and regulatory financial services sector. Mr. Lohman acts for clients to mitigate risk, capture opportunity and assemble and manage professional teams (including local lawyers, bankers, accountants, auditors, trustees, fiduciaries, experts, etc.) to achieve their business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Sima Baktas is based in Istanbul, Turkey. Ms. Baktas’ practice includes general corporate and commercial, real estate, intellectual property, and blockchain technology and digital currency.

Richard C. Slater is based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Mr. Slater has a wide range of experience providing legal services and business consulting for companies, trusts, the blockchain and cybercurrency sectors, ICOS, business planning, financial management and due diligence investigations.

CKR Law LLP is a global firm of experienced lawyers with diverse international practices. Committed to representing clients on the cutting edge of new industries, the CKR Law LLP Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency (BTDC) practice group is dedicated to providing value-added legal advice in underlying legal specialties such as real estate, intellectual property, banking, finance, securities, corporate, crowdfunding, investment funds, employment and litigation to clients including startups, cryptofunds, exchanges, investors, advisors and more.

The CKR Law international BTDC team of over 40 legal experts are in key jurisdictions including the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Brazil, Singapore and Hong Kong, providing a comprehensive framework for startups and investors alike. The Founding Chair of the CKR Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency practice group, Alexandra Levin Kramer, also serves as Chief Diversity Officer for the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. For more information, contact akramer@ckrlaw.com or +1 (212) 259-7300.

Information about all of CKR’s locations, attorneys and practice areas is available on www.ckrlaw.com.

To enquire about becoming a CKR Law partner please contact:

Jeffrey A. Rinde, Managing Partner: jrinde@ckrlaw.com
Michael James Maloney, Partner: mmaloney@ckrlaw.com