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Olga Lidia Guzmán-Mercado

San Juan
(787) 641-5012


Supreme Court of Puerto Rico


Employment and Labor



Juris Doctor from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico, School of Law



Olga Lidia Guzmán-Mercado obtained her Juris Doctor from the Inter American School of Law in 2009. She was admitted to practice in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in February 2010 and has been a licensed Notary Public in Puerto Rico since 2011. Her areas of practice are as a trial lawyer in a variety of civil matters with special emphasis in tort and employment law litigation and consultation. Through her years of practice, she has represented several insurance companies well-established in Puerto Rico.

In addition to her Juris Doctor, Mrs. Guzmán obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Labor Relations from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She also obtained a Master of Arts in Labor Relations from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus.

Mrs. Guzmán, before being a lawyer, worked for over ten (10) years as a human resources and labor relations professional in various industries, but primarily in the hotel and tourism industry. She developed extensive experience in almost all areas of human resources administration and labor relations matters, having direct responsibility for the implementation of the company's practices, policies and procedures to ensure they're aligned with their business goals. Her solid experience as a human resources and labor relations professional positioned Mrs. Guzmán as an ideal labor and employment litigation lawyer. She combined her previous experience with her legal practice in the labor and employment matters, which gave her a wide understanding of the issues involved in this area of litigation.