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The Canadian Province of Manitoba Opens its Arms to Immigrants

Due to the popular urban hubs in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, other Canadian provinces have much lower immigration numbers: In 2017, Manitoba welcomed only 6.2% of Canada’s overall immigration numbers of the year. Determined to make a change in 2018, Manitoba rolled out a comprehensive and inclusive Provincial Nominee Program, attempting to attract many qualified foreigners to apply for permanent residence.

Express Entry Re-cap & Projections for 2018

The Express Entry program, originally created in 2015, is the online program allowing skilled workers to submit immigration applications depending on their skills, family status, education level, and other factors. The Express Entry calculates eligibility scores based on the above-mentioned aspects of a prospective immigrant’s application and is divided as follows: Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Worker, and Canadian Experience Class.

Investment Programs Active at the End of 2017

Canadian investors have thrived in 2017, celebrating the end of the year with a growing economy and a direct return on their investments. The new Start-Up visa is the only national investors' program in Canada, established in 2014 as a pilot program, in order to encourage innovative foreign nationals to invest in the Canadian economy, while obtaining permanent residence status.