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CANADA’S NEW CANNABIS AND DUI LAWS ARE IN FULL SWING: What’s Canada’s latest and greatest on cannabis?


For those who are planning on travelling to Canada anytime in the near future, the following article contains important updates to keep in mind.

While Canada has legalized Cannabis usage, it is important to note a couple key factors that could cause denied boarder entry or worse.

The First thing to keep in mind is that whether or not you bought pot in a U.S. state where it is legal, you are not allowed to bring Cannabis across the border into Canada. If you are caught ding so at the border, not only can you be arrested for drug trafficking but you can also be banned from Canada eternally.

Secondly, not everyone can grow their own Cannabis in their backyard or just sell it because they want to. The legalization of growing and selling cannabis is required to be authorized by the Canadian government. Without authorization, you will most likely be deported from Canada and charged with criminal offense.

Often, Canadians forget when travelling to the U.S. that while cannabis may be legal in certain states, it is still a federal crime. So if you’re a permanent resident in Canada and you are travelling into the United States, do not tell your border officer you are going to smoke up in the states, regardless if it legal there or not. The job of your boarder officer is to enforce the federal law, which means not only will they turn you away, but odds are, you may be banned from entering Canada in the future.

The last point to keep in mind is not to drive under the influence. While you may think it’s only a problem to drink and drive, in reality the consequences of being caught driving while high are the same as driving drunk. Yes, it is true that the cops need probable cause to drug test you, however the repercussions of driving high include being charged and being put in jail. You could even be deported. Always remember, help save lives, don’t drive high!

And of course, never bring cannabis across the United states border! Please contact the Canadian Law Group to learn more about Canada’s new cannabis rules and regulations: