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Regulation of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants Strengthened in Canada

The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issued a statement earlier this month announcing new legislation from the Government that will hold immigration and citizenship consultants to a much higher standard (comparable to doctors and attorneys). The aim of this new legislation is to protect Canadians, potential immigrants, as well as immigration and citizenship consultants in good standing from the harms caused by fraudulent consultants.

The proposed new legislation has the following characteristics:

  • The College of immigration and Citizenship Consultants would become the official watch dog for immigration consultants. It would also give the College the power and tools to investigate, enforce, and punish fraudulent immigration and citizenship consultants.
  • The College in collaboration with the IRCC would implement a mandatory course for those wishing to obtain a consulting license.
  • The introduction of transparency on fees.
  • Providing a better system for aggrieved clients to make formal complaints against a consultant.

Currently, the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the national regulatory body that oversees regulated Canadian immigration professionals. They began regulating immigration consultants in 2011, and citizenship consultants and international student advisors in 2015. The ICCRC currently regulates 4200 regulated Canadian immigration consultants in Canada and abroad.

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