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CKR Law’s Véronique Malka & Sherry Neal Appear on Canada’s Global News Radio 640 to Discuss Global Mobility

Véronique Malka, Partner at CKR Law and Canada Chair of the Global Mobility Group, and Sherry Neal, Partner at CKR Law and attorney in the US division of the Global Mobility Group, appeared on Global News Radio 640 Canada on February 28, 2019.

They joined host Tasha Kheiriddin to discuss a number of issues, including:

  • CKR's vision: using the term 'Global Mobility' instead of 'immigration;'
  • The option of 'benching' or 'parking' foreign workers in Canada while they await their new US visas;
  • How NAFTA 2.0 will affect NAFTA visas already issued;

And more...

To access the 11-minute show, please visit:

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