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Cap for Grandparents Sponsorship to Canada Goes Up Again!

by Veronique Malka

grandparents sponsorship

Good news for those interested in family reunification! The numbers of parents and grandparents that can be sponsored to live in Canada has just gone up again. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), announced recently that Canada will increase the application cap for parents and grandparents to 20,000 (from 17,000 in 2018). Additional changes include an end to the randomized lottery system, which is being replaced with a first-come-first-served system. The applications will be processed in the order they are received from sponsors until the 20,000 cap is met for 2019.

Further, IRCC announced another round of invitations to potential sponsors who completed an “Interest to Sponsor” form in January of 2018. This form had to be completed online in January 2018 to notify Canada of an interest to sponsor a parent and/or grandparent. Canada selected the first round of sponsors from the list at the end of the submission period.

Starting in August 2018, IRCC will use the same randomized list to select additional potential sponsors, who will be given 60 calendar days to complete and submit their application. Only those that were randomly selected to submit an application for the second round will receive an e-mail.

Whether or not an individual is being sponsored for permanent residency, they can still apply for the parent and grandparent Super Visa if they have a child or grandchild in Canada. This allows them to stay in Canada as a visitor for an extended time (2 years instead of the usual 6 months for a regular visitor visa).

Organizing documentation for an elderly parent may be time-consuming. The IRCC will assess applications in 2019 in the order they are received, so get yours ready for the portal as soon as possible. If you are interested in sponsoring your parent or grandparent, CKR Law’s Global Mobility Co-Chair, Véronique Malka, can be reached at: