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CKR Law Canada: Entrepreneur/Investor Series

By Veronique Malka

High-income individuals have different and unique needs than your average applicant for immigration to Canada. If you own a business and want to expand to Canada, then this is the blog series for you. Most provinces in Canada have an entrepreneur visa, save the exception of Alberta, with similar hallmarks. Most provinces have age restrictions and require a minimum education level (typically a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent), adequate French or English language skills (CLB 5+), a verifiable net worth of about CAD $600,000, and relevant working experience.

Each month, CKR Law will highlight a province of the month and detail the eligibility requirements for most of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. Speak to a trusted advisor at CKR Law to determine if you are eligible for your chosen province.

Canadian Province of the Month: New Brunswick

New Brunswick

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New Brunswick is one of three Maritime provinces located on the East Coast of Canada.  Its Capital city is Fredericton, and largest metro hub is the city of Moncton.  The city of St. John’s is one of the busiest shipping ports of Canada and boasts a fast-growing IT sector.   Population is under 1,000,000 people and its GDP is about $42,000 per capita. It is a more rural environment, but city life is there if you need it. Education is excellent, yet inexpensive, with top schools like the University of New Brunswick, Université of Moncton, Mount Allison University, and St Thomas University. Its main export destination is the USA, with over $1.6 billion, half of it being lobster!

The Province has an Entrepreneurial Immigration Stream, developed with experienced business owners and senior managers in mind. It requires those applying for permanent residence to own a business and manage it in the province, all while residing in the province. So if you want to run a Canadian business from outside Canada, this is not the province for you.


If you think New Brunswick may work for your business, or to find out more about Provincial Investment programs, please contact