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The ABCs of the Global Talent Stream

by Véronique Malka

The Global Talent Stream is a work permit stream under the Temporary Foreign Worker program, designed to offer two-week processing times to eligible high skilled foreign workers. This program, piloted in 2017, was made for innovative Canadian companies looking for unique talent throughout the world.

Employers wishing to hire workers through this stream must complete a Labour Market Benefits Plan. This plan outlines the positive benefits of hiring the selected worker, and how their work will impact the Canadian labour market.

Under this stream, highly skilled workers in skill type 0 or A of the National Occupation Classification (NOC) may come to Canada to work for 15 days in a six-month period, or 30 days during a 12-month period, without having to apply for a work permit. This is very advantageous to companies that have temporary business in Canada, and need foreign workers to come work intermittently during a period of 6 to 12 months. 

Employers seeking to hire through this stream must offer the Temporary Foreign Worker a similar wage than a Canadian citizen or permanent resident would earn by being in the same profession. This can be determined by looking directly at the NOC code under which the employee would fit, and determining the median wage for the position.

As part of the Global Skills Strategy initiative, aiming to help companies innovate and grow, the program is separated in two categories: Categories A and B.

Category A

Companies that have been referred to the Global Talent Stream by one of the Stream’s designated partners and hiring unique and specialized talent can apply through Category A of the program.

Category A also requires employers to commit to creating jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents through direct means, (i.e. hiring employees) or indirect means (i.e. investing in a project requiring manual labor).

Category B

This category was designed for employers looking for specific highly skilled workers, through occupations found on the Global Talent Occupations List. This category does not require a referral from one of the designated partners. These occupations are in-demand in Canada, and for which there is a lack of domestic labour supply. This list is updated frequently, as different in-demand occupations arise, and others are removed.

Overall, the list is mainly comprised of tech jobs, such as: Computer and Information Systems Manager (NOC 0213), Computer Engineers (NOC 2147), Information Systems Analyst and Consultants (2171), and more. To consult the full Global Talent Occupations List, click here.

Category B requires employers to commit to increasing investments in skills and training for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

If you are interested in applying for a Temporary Work Permit through the Global Talent Stream, or you are a company looking for foreign workers, contact or .