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The Blockchain Healthcare Revolution Is In Progress

A blockchain healthcare revolution has quietly been taking place and over the last five years, tech giants such as IBM, have put forth significant resources towards conducting comprehensive studies to better understand the effects that blockchain technology is having on the sector.

Veto of Arizona’s Crypto Tax Bill; Class Action against Ripple; Blockchain Resolution passed by EU Parliament

The following is a brief summary of the significant legal developments that have recently impacted the blockchain industry including the veto of Arizona's crypto tax bill and the class action against Ripple.

NY State Attorney General Launches Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative; Malta issues Financial Instrument Test for Tokens

New York: On April 17, 2018, the New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman launched the Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative investigating the policies and practices of cryptocurrency platforms aiming to increase transparency and accountability and protect consumers.

SEC and U.S. Justice Department Charge Token Issuers; Reserve Bank of India Bars Regulated Entities from Interacting with Crypto Firms

The following is a brief summary of the significant legal developments that occurred during the first week of April 2018 affecting the blockchain industry including how the SEC and U.S. Justice Department charge token issuers and the Reserve Bank of India bars regulated entities from interacting with crypto firms.

Massachusetts Halts 5 Token Sales, OFAC Includes Virtual Currencies in SDN Lists and Bermuda Proposes Friendly Regulation for Token Sales

The following legal developments concerning the blockchain industry occurred during the final two weeks of March 2018.